Front door to the new north

At IM体育官方App下载 North, we put the expertise and resources of IM体育官方App下载 to work for you, along with a network of relationships across government, business, science, and health care, to foster productive and beneficial partnerships across the region to solve common problems. 

Breaking Down Silos

We empower organizations to make the most of new development and research opportunities by breaking down silos and connecting people whose interests and goals resonate across disciplines.

United Nations Aligned

We are grounded in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, serving educators and students, scientists and health care workers, business people, and policymakers in pursuit of healthy environments, resilient communities, and thriving economies. 

Geographic Proximity

Our home is Portland, Maine, where the deep-water harbor is the gateway for U.S. engagement in the New North. We recognize the great demographic, geographic, climatic, and cultural similarities Maine shares with the North Atlantic and Nordic states.

Perfect Confluence of Resources

We draw from IM体育官方App下载’s uniquely apt academic, scientific, and health care expertise resources and network of business and government relationships to help you create surprising solutions and fuel fresh approaches in the New North.  

Your Regional Neighbors

We’re not outside experts — we’re of this place, from this place, and for this place, with an equal stake in promoting responsible stewardship and successful outcomes for businesses, communities, environments, and individuals across the region. 

What can we do for you?

Email Holly Parker at

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Map of Arctic region

What is the New North?

The New North is the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans, and the countries and communities surrounding those areas.

What makes it new are changes that have opened up areas that were previously inaccessible, creating opportunities for development and resource extraction while also disrupting traditional ways of life.

We are the front door to the New North. We invite you in and connect you with the people inside.

University of New England launches IM体育官方App下载 North

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