What to know today


graphic of a facial covering mask

Optional in most indoor spaces.

Positive Test

illustration of a positive COVID-19 test

Those who test positive must isolate for five days after positive test.


graphic of a syringe and vaccine

Vaccines and boosters required for students and employees.


graphic showing that visitors are allowed on campus

Visitors permitted. Masks optional.

2022 COVID Guidance

The following protocols are in place in accordance with the latest CDC guidance and recommendations from our own medical experts. For further guidance on the state of Maine's COVID-19 response, please visit the Maine CDC’s COVID-19 website.

Vaccination Requirements

All students and employees are required vaccinated against COVID-19, which includes receiving a booster vaccine dose. 

Please review the Vaccination section of our FAQ to learn how members of the IM体育官方App下载 community can access vaccinations, how to report your vaccination status, how to request a religious or medical exemption, and which types of medical providers may complete the provider section of the exemption form.

Masking and PPE Requirements

Masks are optional on IM体育官方App下载’s campuses, except in health care settings (i.e. Student Health Centers, Oral Health Center, OMM clinic, dental hygiene clinics, athletic training room, etc.), where they continue to be required for all. 

Please note that neck gaiters, bandanas, scarves, and masks with exhalation vents are not acceptable forms of masks.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) may also be required for certain clinical, research, or other activities. 

IM体育官方App下载 continues to monitor CDC guidelines regarding masking, and requirements, therefore, are subject to change. As mask requirements evolve, it is important that at IM体育官方App下载 we value a culture that does not shame or discourage people from wearing masks to protect their health and the health of others if they choose to do so.

Isolation and Quarantine Requirements

Students and employees who test positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate for five days following their positive test. If you have been exposed and you are fully vaccinated, including receiving a booster dose, but you have not tested positive, you are not required to isolate, but you must wear a mask for 10 days following the exposure when around others.

Students who test positive must upload their test results to the Patient Portal, where they will be prompted to schedule a phone call with Student Health Services to confirm their isolation period. Employees must report their test results to Human Resources at hr-covid19questions@apumpkinpatch.com.


We’re here to help.


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